Monday, December 5, 2016

Lovely weekend.

We had such fun Saturday at the Store!  HATS AND GLOVES GALORE!! We recvd a very large bin overflowing, and all the gloves and hats that are decorating the store.  Thanks so much for those who sent Gloves & Hats in!  There will be many happy kids staying warm this holiday!  Thank you!

Before the Store opened Saturday I did some sewing for fun!  I made a few blocks using my CROSS & CROWN template set, and cut up some Red and Green Manor Stripes, and Overcast from Meadow Storm.  Throw in some Red and Green solids, and ta da!  Xmas quilt in the works! It's not done yet, but it's fun to see how it could look! See below!

Would you like to WIN a set of the Cross and Crown templates?
Leave me a moment, about which is your favorite holiday to make quilts for?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Tree is UP!

Tree is up! It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!  Botha t home and at the VFW QUILTS NYC STORE!  Do you have your wish lists ready?  

I'd be adding my NEW STAR STORM pattern, and QUILT KIT to that list along with the New CROSS & CROWN  kit!  You know you always need a fun new project!

We have been receiving so many awesome gloves and hats for our drive!  We look forward to seeing more of you at the Party on Saturday at the store! We have a lot of them hung up, and it's so COZY in the store! Holiday hours are party hours are listed below, and at


We may have gotten carried away on the decorating!  hehe!

Need one more item for your WISH LIST?
Come take a class with me at CRAFT NAPA!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


It's been an amazing year.  Yes, it's hard work being a small business owner, long days, long hours, but ultimately I am doing something I love.  I share that love with you all.
Today I am encouraging you to SHOP SMALL. 
My shop carries all my own products, My fabrics, My books, my Acrylic templates, thread sets, patterns, and other goodies... All of these items, is how you survive in this industry by having my hand in multiple areas: Plus all the travel, and teaching that I do.  VFWQUILTS.COM
What I love about this industry is that I meet the most amazing people. Quilters are the best!  My shop allows me to meet you here, when you come to NYC.  If you can't come to NYC, please visit my website shop.  If you are over seas, please email us to get you accurate In't shipping quotes... We are always here to help. 
We being , Me, and my small staff.  We all work hard at our job, we love being creative, we love being creative women building a small business... We need your support to shop small.

Stop by the store, we are always happy to do some show and tell for you of the quilts we have on hand.
325 West 38th St Suite 811, NY NY 10018
Thank you!!!  Happy Holidays!
Don't miss our Dec 3rd Holiday party! Info below!
Victoria, Kim, Laura, and Crystal.

Pat's Mega Fun Book Tour!

Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine Quilt

Pat Sloan, This gal right here...



Has written her 33rd book! Can you believe it? She is the real energizer bunny.  I met her through my blog, when she emailed me saying she's send me Rose fabrics for a project I was working on, I nearly fell off my chair!  We became fast friends, and she has been someone I have looked up to and frequently ask questions about how this industry works... She's pretty sweet.

Now she's on a roll to teach Sewing BASICS, in her "teach me to" series books.

Have you wanted to learn the basics to Quilting your own quilts? Pat's book walks you through basic quilting info to start, thread, quilt designs, and focuses on free motion and using the walking foot.  All the questions you have about issues you may have, prepping your quilt, to when to change your needle.... All these thing that can affect your success at quilting by machine.

Problems and solutions, and VIDEOS to go along with the book for even better guidance!
Tips for success
and encouraging words for you and your work!

You need to have this book! Let go of the fear of quilting your own quilts!  The only way to get better is to jump in and learn.  This is the book you need.

Wanna win one?

Visit Pat's Giveaway Page to enter to win 

one of the 5 copies of  'Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine Quilt Book!    

Winners drawn from outside of the USA will receive a digital copy. Be sure to enter by Midnight Dec 1st.  
Product Code: B1395
Product ISBN: 9781604688313
Popular teacher, designer, and online radio host Pat Sloan teaches all you need to know to machine quilt successfully. In this third book of her beginner-friendly "Teach Me" series, Pat guides you step by step through walking-foot and free-motion quilting techniques. First-time quilters will be confidently quilting in no time, and experienced stitchers will discover the joy of finishing their quilts themselves.
  • No-fear learning for quilting novices--Pat covers all the information you need to quilt from start to finish
  • Pat guides you through simple and fun practice projects, including a strip-pieced table runner and an easy applique design
  • Collect the entire skill-building library of Pat Sloan's popular "Teach Me" series of books
Visit the following peeps below on their day of Pat’s Mega Fun Tour to learn more about Pat's book.  Some have interviewed Pat, a few might have a giveaway, or have made a project... it's all listed on Pat's page!  

Pat's Mega Fun Book Tour! 

Nov 18  

Nov 19  
Nov 20  
Nov 21  
Nov 22  
Nov 23  
Nov 25  
Nov 26 - Pat's Birthday!!! (Go wish her a Happy Happy Day!)
Nov 28  
Nov 29  
Nov 30  

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Give & Get Party


Dec 3rd, 12-6, 
325 west 38th st suite 811

We are gathering Children's Hats & Gloves/Mittens
Can you come?

Give a little, get a little!

Holiday Hours:
We are open, November 23rd, 10-1pm
 25th, and 26th. 12-6pm
 Closed Thanksgiving.

Regular hours in December, Mon-Thu 10-1, Fri & Sat: 12-6

We are Closed: Dec 24th Through January 1st for Holiday break. 

Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Rocking the T-shirt quilt

I've been slowly building my Harley T-Shirt Quilt.  I love that T-shirt quilt shave such a Stigma attached them as being sometimes goofy, but this is proof you can do Amazing Quilts with them! CUT THEM UP!

I'm using my STAR STORM PATTERN for this quilt.

Holiday Hours at the STORE:
 We are open on Wednesday 10-1 Nov 23rd.
Closed Thanksgiving.
Open Friday 25th and Saturday 26th,  12-6

CHRISTMAS.  We are closed 24th - Jan. 1st.

Be sure to Slip your holiday wish list items  to you family!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What's new Wednesday!

Visit my Store for all new items! Threads, templates and patterns!

Meadow storm Aurifil threads, 50 wt and 80 wt.  Dresden templates, tumbler templates, DWR templates! Books! Oh my!
Did I forget to mention Mostly Manor and Meadow Storm Fabrics??  ...and Solids for $5 a yard?

It's good to be home!!!  I get to get back to making quilts and sitting around appliquéing!  YAY!  Have a pile of customer quilts that are ready to get cut and made, and a few for myself! Including my Tumbler Christmas quilt in Red's and Greens!  ....And! My Star Storm Quilt made using my Harley Davidson T-Shirts!  Yes, I am a truly a farm girl, and have a Harley motorcycle... with load of Harley T-shirts that I collect but don't wear!  So, I am cutting them up to make a great quilt from them. IN fact, that quilt was designed three years ago specifically for my Harley t-shirts... I am only now getting around to making it...  You can get the pattern here!  and in fact, you can order the KIT ( fabric and pattern) too! here!

**Uploading my Video's, blogging etc, has been SO COMPLICATED lately!!!  First, my iPhone blogger app was discontinued, so I can no longer blog from my iPhone with blogger, and I have not had time to find  a new app to do so.  (anyone?)
Plus, and this is my soap box... wifi kind of stinks lately!  Even from home, it's very slow... Seems what we pay for, and the quality  keep going down, down, down, so it makes my hair grey(er) when it takes so long to get a post loaded and up... grumble grumble...  I thought technology is supposed to make ours lives faster and easier...

Ok I'm done complaining about wifi internet providers...  ( for now)  Not really... I can't get my website pages to load to get the links...

Dresden template is available in my website shop and my NYC STORE!

My Acrylic TUMBLER template is also available in my website store.. I'd give you the direct link but the wifi is kicking my butt this morning and I gotta get to my studio!

Because, ultimately.... I'M HOME!!! ...and I get to go sew and not sit at my computer! YAY!!!!

later gators!